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  • Details: EVALUATION REPORT (Purchase of Computers, Printers, and allied equipment such as LEDs, Anti-Virus, etc FY 2023-24

  • Details: 1. Name of Procuring Agency: Islamabad High Court 2. Method of Procurement: Open Competitive Bidding 3. Title of Procurement: Procurement of Laptops. 4. Tender Inquiry No: PID(I) 7016/21 5. PPRA Ref. No. (TSE): TS477562-E 6. Date & Time of Bid Closing: 23.04.2022 up to 11.30 am. 7. Date & Time of Bid Opening: 23.04.2022 at 12.00 pm. 8. No of Bids Received: Three (03) 9. Criteria for Bid Evaluation: Most advantageous bid as per specification/Requirement mentioned in the tender document 10. Details of Bid(s) Evaluation: As under:-

  • Details: EVALUATION REPORT (Purchase of Computer Articles 2021-2022)