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Contempt of Court Notices to the advocates

Islamabad High Court has today issued the Contempt of Court Notices to the following 12 advocates, on account of their contemptuous acts during the incident that took place on 08.02.2021 in this Court:-

1. Akhtar Hussain Advocate 2. Asad Ullah Khan Advocate 3. Khalid Mehmood Khan Advocate 4. Muhammad Asif Gujjar Advocate 5. Muhammad Rustam Malik Advocate 6. Muhammad Shoaib Choudhary Advocate 7. Muhammad Umer Advocate 8. Naveed Hayat Malik Advocate 9. Nusrat Parveen Advocate 10. Saif ul Islam Sindhu Advocate 11. Shela Shan Abbasi Advocate 12. Zafar Khokhar Advocate.

These names are in addition to the following Advocates who had already been issued Contempt of Court Notices on 9th Feb, 2021. The total number of advocates who have been issued Contempt Notices so far is 29:-

1. Ahsan Majeed Gujjar Advocate 2. Arbab Ayub Gujjar Advocate 3. Faiser Jadoon Advocate 4. Farzana Mughal Advocate 5. Hamad Dar Advocate 6. Naseer Kayani Advocate 7. Nazia Abbasi Advocate 8. Raja Zahid Advocate 9. Shaista Tabbasum Advocate 10. Yasmin Rashid Sindhu Advocate 11. Kulsoom Rafique Advocate 12. Kamran Yousafzai Advocate 13. Hafiz Malik Mazhar Javed Advocate 14. Khalid Mehmood Advocate 15. Raja Amjad Advocate 16. Raja Farrukh Advocate 17. Tasadduq Hanif Advocate.