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Directions of Competent Authority regarding Coronavirus COVID-19
In continuation of this Court Circular No. 9428/Genl/IHC dated 16 March 2020, regarding the measures adopted for social distancing, and keeping in view the increasing number of Coronavirus COVID-19 patients, and the expected future increase, the competent authority has directed that:
(i) The courts as well as all the branches of the Islamabad High Court and the District Courts, should operate with bare minimum duty Judges, as well as staff, on rotation.
(ii) The District & Session Judges are requested to issue the orders accordingly, and take all necessary measures to ensure the safety of all concerned.
(iii) It is preferred that the Officers drive the vehicles themselves.
(iv) All the female staff have been advised to stay at home.
(v) The directions regarding the Islamabad High Court are being issued through another circular.
It is once again emphasized that all officers and staff give the matter the highest priority, and personally ensure that social distancing and cleanliness measures continue over time.
[NO: F.(130)/Gen/IHC/9436, dated:22.03.2020 ]