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 What are the office timings of the Islamabad High Court?

Please Click here for Office timings (Opening Hours).

 What are the court timings of the Islamabad High Court?

Please Click here for Court timings (Opening Hours).

 How do I get to the Islamabad High Court?

Address: Islamabad High Court, G-10/1 Bela Road, Islamabad, Pakistan. Phone: +92 51 9108171-2, Please Click here for details of our location and map.

 Are courts always open to the public? Can anyone attend court?

All courts are public buildings and almost every court hearing is open to anyone, on the principle that justice should be seen to be done. In a "closed court", the public is excluded. This may be done for various reasons, primarily to protect witnesses or any leak of sensitive information.

 What is the hierarchy of the officers in Court?

Please see the Organogram available on the website. Please Click here to view the Organogram

Court Procedures

 How do I find out where and when my case is being heard?

The daily Cause List is posted on the Notice Board and uploaded on the website of the Islamabad High Court. If you do not see your name on the list, please contact the Concern Branch.

Additionally on the official website & Mobile Application case details are available. You may also click " Case Search", you will find information regarding case category , case number, case year, bench, case title, institution date, last hearing date and next hearing date.

 Can I access my file?

You may apply for a certified copy of any order or judgment passed in your case, against a receipt issued to the copying branch mentioning therein the date of the delivery of the copy of the order/judgment on charges thereof.

 How do I find out a whether certified copy applied for in my case is ready or not?

The Copy status is available on the website & Mobile Application of the Islamabad High Court. You may also click " Copy Status".

 What are the timings for filing fresh cases and miscellaneous applications?

The timing for urgent cases is office start time(morning) to 11:00 AM. and other cases can be instituted during office hours.