1. IHC Automation

            The rapidly growing importance of Information Technology in this era can not be denied. The miraculous inventions of this technology have revolutionized the human societies. The automation process is continuously occupying almost every field of life in the contemporary world. Courts are no exception to this rule. The Honourable Chief Justice takes keen interest in the automation of working in Islamabad High Court, and it is all because of his personal interest that this Court has made substantial progress in this particular field. The endeavors made during the yesteryear are as under      

1.1  Revamping of Islamabad High Court Website:

             Islamabad High Court has launched its newly developed website, which is up to the international standards and based upon latest technology. New website is fully responsive and compatible with any type of screens. The sole purpose of this website is to facilitate all stake holders including lawyers, litigants and public at large.

The key features of New Website are as follows:

  • Basic Information about IHC (Historical background, Constitution and location map etc.)
  • Honorable Judges, Administration and Officer’s Information
  • Judgements / Orders
  • Roster
  • IHC Library Catalog
  • Photo Gallery, Video Gallery
  • Archives & Downloads
  • News and Announcements
  • Information of District Judiciary
  • Online Case Flow Management
  • Cause List, Objection List and Cancellation List
  • Lawyers Cases Search and Status including graphical analysis
  • Litigant Interactive Human Rights Cell
  • Notifications, Tenders ,Job Advertisements and many more
  • Organization Chart , Officer’s List & Feedback

1.2  Networking:

          In the beginning there was no network infrastructure available in IHC. Now the I.T Department has established the server based network, using a large number of nodes with optic fiber cables. A network infrastructure has been introduced using number of network switches and Wi-Fi network. All Courts & Branches are now connected with a central database system. Security to the network has been provided by installing highly equipped firewall.

1.3  Up-Gradation of Software:

             Initially CCIS, an Oracle based software (an old version of Oracle, i.e. 6) named “Current Case Information System” was installed. Presently the IT department has developed CFMS, a new software named “Case Flow Management System”, which has been implemented with a new version of platform (i.e. Oracle 11G). It includes case information regarding case institution, case fixation (cause lists), Online Court Proceedings (OCP), Case Law Management System (CLMS), etc., with Search Engine, Internet and new dynamic official website.

1.4  Case Record Management System:

               New software for Record branch has been introduced and implemented under the name of “Case Record Management System”. It maintains computerized information regarding decided cases in the Record Branch. Archiving of the decided cases will be implemented after successful completion of the Phase-I plans. After the implementation of this software, Record branch will manage the record in newly developed “Archiving and Scanning Management System”.

1.5 Public Information Desk:

             Public Information Desk has been established to facilitate the litigant public and lawyer community to seek information regarding case fixation, hearing etc.

1.6  Copy Petitions Management System:

             Newly developed software for copy Branch was also introduced and implemented. It maintains information regarding case searching, daily progress report, branch wise pendency, total pendency of copy petitions, diary disposal register, and daily register etc. This program helps a lot in maintaining copy petitions record properly.

1.7  Biometrics Attendance System :

              In pursuance of the National Judicial Policy Making a directive had been issued that the attendance of the staff and employees of the High Courts in future should be made through Biometric System, in view of the automation program being introduced in all the Courts in the country; therefore, for the implementation of the same a Biometric Attendance System has been installed & implemented in the Islamabad High Court, Islamabad.

1.8  District Courts Case Flow Management System:

              District Courts Case Flow Management System has been developed and implemented in two model courts of ICT as initial step, In future all courts of District Judiciary ICT would be integrated with the existing Case Flow Management System of Islamabad High Court.

1.9  Auto Summon Notice Management System:

             This new system would be great help to the judicial branches and would decrease the work burden of the officials of judicial branches. Notice Management System also helps office to keep auto generated notices/summons/letters record. NMS Generate notices automatically, intimate all stakholders by using different communication technology tools like electronic mail and text messaging systems.

1.10  Communication Technology :

             Communication technology tools like electronic mail and text messaging systems are implemented in organization to speed up the sending of information within and outside of the organization.

1.11  Archiving and Scanning Branch:

             Archiving and Scanning Branch has been established, which will save record of decided cases in digital form. This record in soft form may be used for providing copies to the litigant. Further such soft record would ensure the easy access and safety.

2. New Automation Projects


2.1  Identity Section:

             New System for Identity of Petitioner / Appellant intended to file an E-Affidavit will be verified through thumb impression on Bio-Metric System (IMS) installed by Programmer of this Honourable Court.

2.2  Human Resource Management System:

             Human Resource Management Systems has been developed by Programmer of IT department of IHC. Human Resource Management Systems enabled higher administrative control of such systems. Feature of HRMS are:

  • Time and attendance
  • Performance appraisal
  • Benefits administration
  • HR management information system
  • Recruiting/Learning management
  • Performance record
  • Employee self-service
  • Scheduling
  • Absence management
  • Analytics
  • Employeement History
  • Educational History
  • Research & Trainings of Employees
  • Diciplinary Actions
  • Posting Transfers and Complete Official Information

2.3  Two Way SMS service:

             Two Way SMS service regarding case information. The sole purpose of this service is to facilitate all stake holders including lawyers, litigants at large.
Push SMS: Registered Lawyers/litigants are receiving case status/ case fixation SMS on daily basis. This service is designed and developed by IT department Islamabad High Court. The objective of Push SMS service is to disseminate information related to the cases filed in the Islamabad High Court & district Courts of ICT and to generate alerts whenever a particular case comes up for hearing, notices/summon ,comments, short orders
Pull SMS: Lawyers/Litigants can check their case status any time anywhere by just sending a request SMS on given number in response they will get case status. it is very simple and easy process you just have to send case code of your case filed in Islamabad High Court or district Court of ICT on given mobile number and the system will reply you with latest update of your desired case.

2.4  Islamabad High Court Mobile App!:

             IT department has designed and developed an App for Islamabad High Court and ICT district Judiciary. The objective of the mobile App is to disseminate information relating to the cases filed in the Islamabad High Court or District and Session Courts and to generate alerts whenever a new case is being instituted, fixed for hearing, notices/summon ,comments and short orders etc.
* Search Case Details
* Free Case Subscription
* Push Notification: Registered Lawyers/litigants are receiving case status / case fixation notification on daily basis.
* Pull Notification: Lawyers/Litigants can pull notification from mobile Application. Lawyers/Litigants can also view old notifications any time anywhere.
* Notifications List / History
* View Daily Cause List
* Copy Petition Status
* Notices/Summon Information
* Lawyers Cases List
App can be downloaded from Google play Store .
Note: IHC APP name: Case App IHC and District court App name: Cases App DC

2.5  Islamabad High Court KIOSK Machines!:

             Programmer of IT department has designed and developed a KIOSK Machine for Islamabad High Court. The objective of the Kiosk Machines is to disseminate information relating to the cases filed in the Islamabad High Court in the premises of Islamabad High Court.

2.5  Process Delivery App:

             An Application that monitors and esures the delivery of Notices / Summon. Maintain the history of Served and pending Notices etc

2.5  Live streaming of court proceedings:

              IT department of Islamabad High Court made a new beginning in the country by starting the live streaming of the court proceedings so that people can watch it live on official website of IHC. With this, the people across the country are able to watch their cases and important decisions of the court online on their TV and mobile screens at comfort of their places.

Note: currently, Live streaming system of IHC is running on test basis.

3. Other Facilities


3.1  Fitness Certificates to the Lawyers:

             Number of lawyers have been issued fitness Certificate for the purpose of enrolment as an Advocate of Supreme Court of Pakistan by the Honourable Committee of this Court.

3.2  Bar Room Facilities:

             As a priority matter, the members of Bar has been facilitated by providing them sufficient rooms for their Offices, Library and Counselling Room for the litigant, public and construction of a canteen for the Bar.